Mary Kitchen

I had heard about BIRNIE HOME SAFE for the last few years on the Frank Cohn Show (9 am, every Saturday on CFRB). I realized that my 1941 house, with its knob and tube wiring, needed to be updated. I made inquiries and was approved for an inspection. Terry came to do the safety inspection. Michael came to confirm the final inspection and financial arrangements. Colin came to check for asbestos (none). Terry and Alex began to update the electrical on September 24/18 and Terry and Shane completed the job by October 4/18. Colin and Michael did the final inspection.


The whole process was pleasant, educational, professional and fun. The disruption to my walls was minimal. The results of additional lighting have been a wonderful surprise. All of these men were great to work with. They were cheerful, knowledgeable, professional and personable. They took time with me. I appreciated the experience so much, I have told others. AND…. My home is safe!