Janet L

Janet L. refers to her BIRNIE HOME SAFE ERA (Electrical Risk Assessment) inspection as “a real blessing.” She and her sisters, Joan and Gail, had been living in their 1950s-era Hamilton home for 15 years when they signed up for the inspection. They knew there were issues – a previous small fire in a hallway light switch was the most concerning – but they had no idea what other hazards were lurking behind their walls. Gail says the BIRNIE HOME SAFE inspection was thorough, beginning at their outside power connection and examining everything inside the house as well as out (including electricity to the many fountains and ponds in their manicured backyard).


More than half of the home’s ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets were working incorrectly – a serious shock hazard that can lead to serious injury or even death. There were multiple overheating circuits in the house. They couldn’t run a coffee maker and a sewing machine simultaneously without tripping a circuit breaker. “People can’t walk in this house without us talking about the inspection,” Gail laughs. “The things they found in our house astonished us,” she says. “Peace of mind is the biggest thing we’ve gotten out of this. We may still have problems in this house, but we know they won’t be electrical.”