Herbert Lange

When Herbert L. saw a BIRNIE HOME SAFE advertisement asking – ismyhomesafe.ca – he started thinking. “I always thought my home was safe, but when I saw that I was wondering,” says Herbert, who along with his wife has been living in their 63-year-old Oakville home since 1980. After completing an online questionnaire, he was contacted by BIRNIE HOME SAFE for a preliminary investigation. “Their representative, explained things to me and checked things over. He felt there were some serious issues and recommended we take the next step.” A thorough Electrical Risk Assessment inspection confirmed John’s findings.


Many of the switches and outlets in the home presented potential fire hazards. An old fuse panel was in need of replacement and a complete-home surge protection system was installed at the same time. “I figured there was a wiring problem because we were having problems with one of the burners on the stovetop,” noted Herbert. “I feel much better now knowing that everything has been checked and brought up to date. “I’d rather spend the money getting these things done – after all, you can’t take it with you.”