About Us

May 1967, our founder, Peter Birnie started Birnie Electric. It began with one project for one client and grew from there. Slowly, but surely, he stuck to his vision to build a company that provided safe, reliable electrical services to Industrial/Commercial clients in the GTA and beyond, based on solid, proven design build principles. We were one of the first contractors in the City to use a computer for estimating, weekly payroll and accounting.

In the mid 70’s, we created a Service department that could service and maintain the factories, offices, warehouses and shopping centers we were building from scratch. Clients, such as: SS Kresge, Kmart, and FW Woolworth, as well as food stores such as: Dominion, Safeway and Loblaws, were well looked after. We also expanded our breadth and scope to work across Canada, building malls for a Toronto Developer. In the early 80’s, Peter’s son, Tim, joined the firm after graduating from Queen’s Engineering.

Once Tim became certified with his P. Eng. designation, this allowed Birnie to truly be a one-stop design/build contractor! It was about 10 years ago that Tim decided to transfer their expertise from commercial to residential, and help homeowners across the GTA have peace of mind when it came to their home's electrical systems. Every electrical fire is preventable, and with Birnie’s specialized training and test equipment, they can, and do, prevent the preventable!

Our Vision

'Preventing the Preventable' and ensuring Canadians are protected against the dangers of old, degraded electrical systems and poor electrical craftsmanship.

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality installations, the most proactive and in-depth analysis of systems, and the most effective repairs for generations.

Our Values


Everyone matters

Service Excellence

Reach beyond expectations


Changing behaviours


Doing the right thing - every time


Cleverly inventive and resourceful


Inside and out

What is an Electrical Risk Assessment, Watch to find out!

“We want to give homeowners a better understanding of how their home's electrical systems work. More important, we want to make them aware of warning signs that they may be at risk.”

Our Electrical Solutions Specialists address a variety of topics for community groups, businesses, and non-profit organizations. “We know from our Electrical Risk Assessment inspections that many homes are at risk of electrical fires,” says Tim Birnie, President, HOME SAFE.

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What people are saying about us

Mary Kitchen

I had heard about BIRNIE HOME SAFE for the last few years on the Frank Cohn Show (9 am, every Saturday on CFRB). I realized that my 1941 house, with its knob and tube wiring, needed to be updated. I made inquiries and was approved for an inspection. Terry came to do the safety inspection. Michael came to confirm the final inspection and financial arrangements. Colin came to check for asbestos (none). Terry and Alex began to update the electrical on September 24/18 and Terry and Shane completed the job by October 4/18. Colin and Michael did the final inspection.


The whole process was pleasant, educational, professional and fun. The disruption to my walls was minimal. The results of additional lighting have been a wonderful surprise. All of these men were great to work with. They were cheerful, knowledgeable, professional and personable. They took time with me. I appreciated the experience so much, I have told others. AND…. My home is safe!

Linda Sanguigni

I just wanted to inform Birnie Electric that your technician, Shane, who came to our condo this week to fix our under cabinet lights is a very skilled and knowledgeable technician. He found the solution to fix our lights, without replacing them all. I was very impressed and he was very polite and professional. I felt it necessary to tell you this. Thanks again for the service.

Herbert Lange

When Herbert L. saw a BIRNIE HOME SAFE advertisement asking – ismyhomesafe.ca – he started thinking. “I always thought my home was safe, but when I saw that I was wondering,” says Herbert, who along with his wife has been living in their 63-year-old Oakville home since 1980. After completing an online questionnaire, he was contacted by BIRNIE HOME SAFE for a preliminary investigation. “Their representative, explained things to me and checked things over. He felt there were some serious issues and recommended we take the next step.” A thorough Electrical Risk Assessment inspection confirmed John’s findings.


Many of the switches and outlets in the home presented potential fire hazards. An old fuse panel was in need of replacement and a complete-home surge protection system was installed at the same time. “I figured there was a wiring problem because we were having problems with one of the burners on the stovetop,” noted Herbert. “I feel much better now knowing that everything has been checked and brought up to date. “I’d rather spend the money getting these things done – after all, you can’t take it with you.”

Janet L

Janet L. refers to her BIRNIE HOME SAFE ERA (Electrical Risk Assessment) inspection as “a real blessing.” She and her sisters, Joan and Gail, had been living in their 1950s-era Hamilton home for 15 years when they signed up for the inspection. They knew there were issues – a previous small fire in a hallway light switch was the most concerning – but they had no idea what other hazards were lurking behind their walls. Gail says the BIRNIE HOME SAFE inspection was thorough, beginning at their outside power connection and examining everything inside the house as well as out (including electricity to the many fountains and ponds in their manicured backyard).


More than half of the home’s ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets were working incorrectly – a serious shock hazard that can lead to serious injury or even death. There were multiple overheating circuits in the house. They couldn’t run a coffee maker and a sewing machine simultaneously without tripping a circuit breaker. “People can’t walk in this house without us talking about the inspection,” Gail laughs. “The things they found in our house astonished us,” she says. “Peace of mind is the biggest thing we’ve gotten out of this. We may still have problems in this house, but we know they won’t be electrical.”

Frank Cohn

Ken Kinchen

Richmond Hill Family

Dave & Judy Doran