Electrical Risk Assessment (ERA)

It's like an MRI for your home.

We want you to know what's lurking behind your walls before it's too late!

The first step to an electrically safe home is to speak with us.

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    Request a free preliminary assessment to determine if your home is right for this service.

    COVID-19 Protocols

    At Birnie HomeSAFE the safety of our workers and you the homeowner has and always will be our #1 priority.

    All of our employees are screened on a daily basis for Covid 19 signs or symptoms.

    All of our clients are screened via a 2 step process,

    1) with a questionnaire by our office prior to our visit and
    2) when our electrician arrives on site before they enter the home to work.

    We are committed to wearing Masks (we use 3 ply disposable), maintain 2m minimum of physical separation, wash hands and sanitize our tools, equipment and our work environment.

    We must do everything we can to stop the spread of COVID 19

    On behalf of all the Birnie HomeSAFE employees we wish you all a Happy and Safe 2021.

    Through your continuing support in 2020 we were able to make a generous donation to the Mississauga Food Bank.

    Debunking the myth of aluminum wiring

    You have aluminum wiring; you know the dangers of leaving it untreated. We have the solution to ensure its safety and in turn, your safety.

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    Certified Generac Dealers specializing in stand by residential Generators

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    Dorm Safety Tips – Practice Electrical Safety

    As our college and university students gear up for another school year will they get the grade when it comes to electrical safety?

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    Dorm Safety – Faulty wiring forces student to leave her home

    In a few days, you’ll find Olivia Clarke racing through corridors, nestling in lecture halls and meeting deadlines in her new student apartment.

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    Heavy Rainfall Compromises your Electrical System

    It’s raining and the weatherman says it’s going to continue raining. Heavy rainfall is great for greener lawns and free car washes, but the excess water can compromise your electrical system especially in the event of a basement flood.

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    What people are saying about us

    Mary Kitchen

    I had heard about BIRNIE HOME SAFE for the last few years on the Frank Cohn Show (9 am, every Saturday on CFRB). I realized that my 1941 house, with its knob and tube wiring, needed to be updated. I made inquiries and was approved for an inspection. Terry came to do the safety inspection. […]

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    Linda Sanguigni

    I just wanted to inform Birnie Electric that your technician, Shane, who came to our condo this week to fix our under cabinet lights is a very skilled and knowledgeable technician. He found the solution to fix our lights, without replacing them all. I was very impressed and he was very polite and professional. I […]

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    What is an Electrical Risk Assessment? Watch to find out!

    “We want to give homeowners a better understanding of how their home's electrical systems work. More important, we want to make them aware of warning signs that they may be at risk.”

    Our Electrical Solutions Specialists address a variety of topics for community groups, businesses, and non-profit organizations. “We know from our Electrical Risk Assessment inspections that many homes are at risk of electrical fires,” says Tim Birnie, President, HOME SAFE.

    Partnering With Area Fire Departments For Home Safety

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